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Multifaceted Concert Performances in Music Schools

Geschrieben von schinnerlda on Juni 12, 2014


Teachers in Music Schools regularly organise student concerts. They can take place in the traditional way (one piece after another), be designed thematically, moderated, staged or combined with different arts etc. In the presentation two established concepts for designing music school concerts were presented. One model shows how to add zest to concerts easily, with little effort. The other one is a concept that not only involves the students into the development of the concert but leaves most of the designing to them as well. This concept enables them to bring in different skills and also enhance those skills. Both concepts can inspire the students to identify more with their music and the performance, make the audience more attentive and furthermore they can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of the concerts.

Subsequently – questions for reflection were the starting point of a discussion in the plenum of about 50 participants for an exchange of views, ideas and personal experience with different concert formats.


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